November 21, 2023

Unlocking the Future of Hospitality: Onyx Hospitality Group and Avalon Analytics Join Forces to Unveil IRIS Powered by Avalon

Bangkok, 21 November 2023 – ONYX Hospitality Group, a distinguished presence in Southeast Asia’s hospitality sector for over five decades, renowned for brands like Amari, OZO, Shama, and Oriental Residence, is delighted to unveil a strategic partnership with Avalon Analytics. This groundbreaking collaboration signifies a dedicated embrace of a “Tailored Approach to Hospitality,” as ONYX Hospitality Group sets out to revolutionize the realm of data-driven revenue management, poised to spearhead growth and innovation in the hotel industry. In unison, ONYX Hospitality Group and Avalon Analytics will redefine hotel revenue management with the introduction of their technological marvel: IRIS, Powered by Avalon. 

The hospitality sector has long grappled with the challenge of data silos in part due to the fragmented distribution ecosystem and has long sought a solution to these challenges. The industry continues to rely on a patchwork of legacy tools, such as spreadsheets and outdated reporting templates. These traditional methods are unsustainable if the goal is to grow and stay ahead in the ever-evolving market.  

In response to these challenges, ONYX Hospitality Group has embarked on a visionary transformation journey to establish a technological system, aiming to establish a best-in-class, state-of-the-art Commercial Business Intelligence (BI) system. This transformation journey has culminated in the unveiling of IRIS (Integrated Revenue Intelligence System) set to bring about the dreams of the industry leaders and innovators alive.  

Bharath Satyavolu, Vice President of Revenue Management of ONYX Hospitality Group, has heralded IRIS powered by Avalon as a “quantum leap” in revenue management. He envisions IRIS powered by Avalon as a game-changing solution that will redefine the revenue management discipline in hotels and pave the way for innovation across the sector. 

To turn this visionary concept into reality, ONYX Hospitality Group has chosen Avalon Analytics, a leading provider of data analytics solutions for hotels, as their strategic partner. Renowned for empowering hotels to make data-driven decisions, and streamlining processes with their report automation, Avalon Analytics is one of the only hoteltech companies that specialize in customization for their clients. With this, Avalon will be the driving force behind IRIS Powered by Avalon. 

Pierre-Yves Lefebvre, Avalon Analytics Co-Founder, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, “Avalon Analytics is excited to collaborate with Onyx Hospitality, powering the IRIS system, and contributing to their remarkable transformation journey. We are committed to empowering Onyx with the tools and insights they need to achieve unprecedented success.” 

Prepare to witness the future of hospitality change exponentially as ONYX Hospitality Group and Avalon Analytics come together to introduce IRIS Powered by Avalon—a transformative solution set to redefine revenue management and create unparalleled guest experiences. 


About ONYX Hospitality Group: ONYX Hospitality Group, a reputable force in Southeast Asia’s hospitality industry, operates a collection of comprehensive yet complementary brands – Amari, OZO, Shama and Oriental Residence – catering to the distinctive needs of discerning business and leisure travelers in Southeast Asia where their expertise lies. In addition to its brand portfolio, ONYX also operates additional hospitality services across spa and food and beverage. With over five decades of management experience, the company extends its innovative solutions throughout the region, upholding internationally recognized standards and ensuring optimal operational maneuverability. By fostering enduring relationships with like-minded business partners, ONYX Hospitality Group delivers unparalleled experiences in a dynamic and competitive market, meeting the ever-evolving demands of travelers. Visit:  

About Avalon Analytics: Avalon Analytics is a leading provider of data analytics solutions, enabling hotels to make data-driven decisions and realize their goals. With a strong focus on innovation and excellence, Avalon Analytics, with clients in over 20 countries, is at the forefront of transforming industries through data intelligence. Visit: 

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