May 15, 2018

Seven Reasons to Put Together Your Travel Squad

Find out why Amari hotels believes that every vacation is better when you are together with friends and family

Bangkok. 15 May, 2018. – After all the hectic schedules and assignments are wrapped up, the only logical way to recuperate is by taking a well-deserved break – and what better way to enjoy a relaxing holiday than with family and friends?

Contrary to common belief, travelling with a group of loved ones can actually be much more rewarding, as a study from Yale University* has found that the positive feelings from happy memories are amplified when shared with others. Unconvinced? Here are seven more reasons to put together a trusty squad of travellers for the best vacations.

1. Taking turns means everyone has a great time
Washroom breaks become less rushed when a reliable travel buddy is watching the bags, and group photos taken by hand are much nicer than a shaky selfie stick shot (which are increasingly banned in many destinations, by the way).

2. More people means more food to taste
Delicious food often goes unappreciated because solo travellers are limited by the capacity of their single stomachs. Bring the squad along for a chance to sample multiple dishes while splitting costs. Many Asian cultures also consider eating to be a communal activity, making it perfect for enjoying each other’s company, conversation and a taste of every local highlight.

For a dining experience that spans across Asia, visit Amaya Food Gallery and order something delectable to share with the group. The signature dining outlets can be found at Amari Watergate Bangkok, Amari Koh Samui, Amari Yangshuo and Amari Johor Bahru, with street food delights, comfort food and cocktails designed especially for sharing.

Fact: Large groups can order more food for everyone to sample

3. Multiple suitcases means more packing space
Bringing back souvenirs can be tough when travelling alone – not to mention weight limitations set by the air carriers. With a group of friends, items can be divided nicely amongst the many pieces of luggage with no worry of excess baggage fees or lack of arm strength to lug everything across airport concourses.

4. Enjoy better accommodation by splitting costs
Forget about crowded sleeping quarters or paying for multiple rooms! Instead, check out hotels that offer spacious one or two bedroom suites, as they are able to comfortably fit groups, or at least have ample room to set up an extra bed.

These room categories at various Amari hotels are perfect for groups of families and friends:
● Family Suite at Amari Hua Hin
● Deluxe Family Duplex at Amari Koh Samui
● Two Bedroom Suite at Amari Residences Bangkok
● Ocean Wing Two Bedroom Suite rooms at Amari Phuket

Want more privacy? Travellers in groups who prefer a little more me-time can also request connecting rooms instead for enhanced personal space at locations like Amari Johor Bahru, Amari Vang Vieng and Amari Galle.

Bonding moments like this can only happen when everyone is together

5. Group excursions are better than wandering alone
Planning an itinerary for a new destination and getting to those spots can be tough when travelling alone. Tour groups may offer convenience, but exploring with friends has other advantages.

Book a private tour, which often offers special group rates for excursions to tranquil islands off the coast, legendary street food markets or an ancient temple atop mountainous jungles. Unlike joining an existing tour group, benefits include customised meals and snacks, exploration at a more comfortable pace, private transportation and uninterrupted time together.

6. Making the most of the good and bad moments together
After the packing comes the wait: long layovers and delayed flights are an inconvenience at best, which is why the companionship of the travel squad is greatly welcomed when dealing with the otherwise dull waiting moments. Securely store luggage into the complimentary lockers and freshen up with a shower before heading out at the Voyager Lounge, Amari’s signature space perfect for earlier arrivals and later departures. At the Voyager Lounge, the weary traveller can find calmness and comfort, share thoughtful conversations with friends over light snacks and
drinks, or grab a board game to play as a group – there is no need to delay the happy moments, too.

Relax before the journey home with free high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and lovely ocean views at the Voyager Lounge, available at Amari Phuket, Amari Koh Samui and Amari Galle.

7. A learning experience for everyone
Travelling together presents great teaching opportunities for families with children to learn patience, problem-solving and how to adapt to new environments, foods, people and cultures. Even grown ups can work on improving time management, communication skills and handling setbacks with the help of reliable travel mates.



Tip: Keep the group closer by booking roomy suites or family rooms

Take your travel squad on a holiday to remember with Amari hotels, with over 15 properties throughout Asia. Book your stay at


*Source: Shared Experiences are Amplified. By Boothby, Erica J. (2014). Yale University.

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