January 11, 2024

ONYX Hospitality Group Receives “Outstanding Hotel Chain Partner “Award from, Recognising Tailored Approach and Remarkable Growth

Bangkok, 11 October 2023 – ONYX Hospitality Group, a distinguished leader in the Southeast Asia hospitality industry with a deep-rooted commitment to delivering a tailored approach, is proud to announce its receipt of the prestigious “Outstanding Hotel Chain Partner” award from, one of the world’s foremost online travel agencies. This esteemed accolade underscores ONYX Hospitality Group’s profound understanding of the unique challenges encountered in each location and its ability to craft precise solutions that align with its Global Standard. This tailored approach not only enables the group to effectively address specific issues but also consistently allows it to achieve set targets.

The award recognises a leading partner both regionally and globally who has demonstrated outstanding results in terms of business growth, commercial activities, connectivity, and the successful execution of quality projects alongside It was bestowed upon a select group of seven hotel chains from around the world, with ONYX Group proudly counted among them. ONYX Hospitality Group’s collaborative efforts with have yielded remarkable results, with an impressive +90% growth rate when compared to the year 2019. This achievement has soared to even greater heights, registering a phenomenal +250% increase when benchmarked against the year 2022.

This award serves as a resounding affirmation of ONYX Hospitality Group’s robust business performance and unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary outcomes for its esteemed partners and valued patrons. It also solidifies the group’s position as a leading authority in Southeast Asia, underscored by ONYX Hospitality market intelligence.

Furthermore, this recognition not only cements ONYX Hospitality Group’s status as a premier hospitality enterprise in Southeast Asia but also strengthens its partnership with, a global titan among online travel agencies. This strategic alliance is poised to further expand ONYX Hospitality Group’s reach, attracting an even broader audience of travellers to its exceptional range of hotels and accommodations while enhancing its thought leadership status. This accolade marks a pivotal moment for ONYX Hospitality Group, underscoring its commitment to delivering tailored solutions, fostering collaboration with partners, and maintaining a diverse portfolio that comprehensively caters to various market segments.

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