August 28, 2018

Hotel Lobbies in Asia with Stories to Tell

From Bangkok, Hua Hin and the Maldives: Three Amari hotel lobbies with three uniquely local stories

Bangkok, 28 August 2018 – First impressions last the longest. From the moment you first step foot on foreign soil, the scenery and characters change, and the intangible cultural narrative speaks a different dialect from what you might be used to. Overwhelming the senses in a new destination is part and parcel of the travel experience — and  Amari makes that initial discovery that much more delightful with thoughtful subtle references to what’s unique about each destination as soon as travellers step inside our hotels.

Hua Hin

A charming town along the coast of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Hua Hin is a much-loved beachside holiday destination for Thais, expats and foreigners. A three-hour drive away from the capital, many Bangkokians take weekend escapes to this southern town for the relaxing beaches, the family-friendly attractions and activities and, of course, the delicious seafood.

As guests walk into Amari Hua Hin, the high ceilings, unique decor and expressive colour scheme are reminiscent of the characteristics of the nearby traditional beach homes. What many visitors may not realise, though, is that before Hua Hin became the bustling destination it is today, its strategic location and charm made it the perfect place for the beachside residence of the Thai royal family since the early 1900s. The wooden panels that make up the Amari Hua Hin lobby are inspired by those at Maruekhathaiyawan Palace.

Another noticeable design feature in the lobby is the equestrian motifs seen in the decorative items and upholstery. Lovingly associated with Hua Hin and the neighbouring Cha-am Beach, horses are often sighted here, most famously for slow rides along the shore in the cool, late afternoons. Simple patterns of these gentle giants can be found throughout Amari Hua Hin and serve as a reminder of how their presence adds to Hua Hin’s uniqueness among the many beautiful beach destinations in tropical Thailand.

Have you ever stepped into a lobby filled with soft, white sand? Maybe it’s time to get acquainted with the  natural simplicity of Amari Havodda Maldives

The Maldives

An island paradise where troubles melt away with the warmest sun rays and bluest waters, the Maldives continues to be one of the world’s dream destinations for lovers and those looking to leave their stresses and troubles behind. Stepping off the arrival speedboat and onto the jetty at Amari Havodda Maldives, the dream becomes a gorgeous reality — from the welcoming smiles of the team to the breathtaking seascapes and naturally-inspired designs that make up this private island resort.

Some people choose to escape their busy lives for another fast-paced adventure someplace new, but what the Maldives offers is a calming experience for weary travellers. Inspired by the island’s natural simplicity, Amari Havodda Maldives creates a pure environment for visitors to reconnect with the lush tropical greenery, pristine beaches and crystal-clear ocean surrounding them.

It may seem like a fun feature for guests to get creative with, but the soft white sand that fills the lobby presents more than meets the eye — it calls for minimising the effects humans have on the natural world — and encourages visitors to unload the complications of modern living for the natural simplicity of the Maldives.

Elegant interiors in neutral overtones with lush garden scenery gives guests a glimpse into the balance between Bangkok’s tropical climate and the heavy influence of Western designs


One of Asia’s busiest and most culturally rich hubs is home to diverse communities, internationally renowned street food and a unique history that makes Bangkok stand out as one of the most visited Southeast Asian cities. What is now a continuously growing metropolis had previously been a much smaller community, living a much simpler life based on family values and religious faith.

Despite the fast pace of life, today’s Bangkok continues to pay tribute to its past through subtle architecture and interiors inspired by vintage charm from a bygone era. The neutral colour scheme at Amari Residences Bangkok takes guests back to the early days of Bangkok’s development, when the simple elegance of western-style furnishings was first introduced, further complemented by old photographs and minimal designs of iconic Thai motifs.

Hidden within the property is an outdoor garden, an oasis for busy adults and curious kids to escape the city for a moment and take in the natural scenery and tranquil atmosphere under the shade of a decades-old tree.

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