October 18, 2018

Basic Island Survival Skills You Need to Know

OZO Chaweng Samui offers useful tips on how to overcome island fever

Bangkok, 17 October 2018 ‏ ‏— Imagine opening your eyes to sunny skies and the gentle roar of ocean waves. You can feel the warm sand on your skin and sea salt in the air. Is this a dream, or are you doomed to be trapped on this tropical paradise forever, away from the comforts of your office cubicle? The last thing that you remember is falling asleep on the smooth plane ride. So, what do you do now?

‏ Surviving on an exotic island can be tough, but once you know these five basic survival skills recommended by OZO Chaweng Samui, you are guaranteed a successful ‏ ‏holiday‏ ‏escape.‏

1. ‏Don’t Panic

‏First and foremost, stay calm — take in a fulldeep breath of that ocean air. A positive mindset already improves your chances of strong health and survival, paving the way for the holiday of a lifetime. To overcome those arrival jitters, approach a friendly local hotel team member who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction as you settle into island mode.‏

2. ‏Seek Shelter‏

‏It is essential to find physical and emotional sanctuary in your shelter. A good shelter will protect you from intense UV rays, rain and winds, insects, and unstable temperatures, as well as give you a sense of security and well-being. Therefore, consider your surroundings and choose a good location to recharge in between all the adventures. Also, OZO Chaweng Samui is only 15 minutes away from Samui International Airport, making your eventual escape convenient and hassle-free.

‏Beyond ticking the boxes, if you can go for quality, make comfort a priority. A soft warm‏ ‏bed to rest your weary head, perfectly acclimatised rooms, absolutely quiet and stylish decor are simple aspects that go a long way.‏

If you are going to be stranded on an island, you may as well relax in the Dream Space room while figuring out how to get home (and if you actually want to leave)‏

3. ‏Find Food & Drink

‏This is probably the most important point, but humans need food and drink to survive. However, while you could probably stay alive by eating unusual plants, there is so much more to life and the palate than merely eating to survive. Eat quality meals made from clean, fresh ingredients perfectly seasoned to taste and well-cooked, making them not only safe but delicious to consume.‏

Start the day with a tasty, energising breakfast spread at ‏EAT‏, stay cool during the sunny afternoons with a refreshing drink from the Pool Bar, and wrap up the day with dinner and desserts at ‏‏Stacked‏ ‏ – perfect if you are looking for authentic All-American cuisine on Koh Samui. ‏

Get the carbs and protein you need at Stacked, and vitamins by the Pool Bar‏

4. ‏Exploring the Island‏

‏Last but not least, you will need to explore your surroundings to get a better idea of the environment around you. Be sure to give yourself ample time to explore all the excitement and beauty that the island has to offer by making use of a map — or even creating one for yourself using Google Maps or other nifty apps. List out the places you need to go, but plan your schedule wisely as some attractions are located on opposite ends, or may close earlier than others.

‏‏Koh Samui also offers numerous modes of transportation, from taxis, ride-sharing and local ‏song-thaews‏, to car and motorbike rentals. Or you could book airport transfers via the hotel, as well as make use of the in-house shuttle buses to Amari Koh Samui, OZO’s sister hotel. Getting around the island is half the adventure, so get adventurous when finding the perfect ride that suits your needs.‏

Let OZO Chaweng Samui be your space to sleep, connect and explore the next time you find yourself stranded on a tropical paradise island, and enjoy complimentary mini-bar privileges and a 1,000 THB dining voucher when booking direct. Visit ‏‏‏ to learn more.‏

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