June 4, 2020

Amari shares 5 easy tips to turn your home into a staycation resort

Bangkok, 4 June 2020 – You have stored away the suitcases, put your passport back in the drawer and cancelled (or postponed) all your upcoming trips. But that doesn’t mean you cannot take a vacation in the comfort of your own home! After all, staying in a great hotel is an important element of any great vacation. With some effort and imagination, you can recreate the decadent atmosphere, the change of (interior) scenery and the pampering experience that makes up the best of hotel stays. To help you turn your home into a staycation resort, our team at Amari share some easy tips, while we wait patiently to welcome you back to our destinations once it is safe for all of us to travel again.

1. Give your bedroom a five-star upgrade

One of the greatest joys of walking into an amazing hotel room is the sense of space and cleanliness – with everything laid out just for you. Start by removing all unnecessary clutter from the bedroom: hang clothes in the wardrobe, store cosmetics and jewellery in the cupboard, and do a thorough vacuum. For a great night’s sleep, switch to high-quality linens and pillows and invest in black-out drapes that block out sound and light. You can make it even more special by leaving yourself a small treat on the bed every morning, and surprise yourself at the end of the day. For that finishing touch, the housekeeping team recommends folding away a corner of the duvet.

2. Turn your bathroom into a blissful spa

Creating a calming atmosphere is the first step in building your at-home spa. Consider dimming the light, turning on soothing music and lighting some scented candles to evoke the spa-like atmosphere. Whip up some DIY scrubs and masks using items from your fridge. For example, cut up and mix equal parts pineapple and papaya to create a body scrub for radiant skin inspired by the Signature “Tropicana” body scrub at the Breeze Spa at Amari Hua Hin. Naturally exfoliating and full of vitamin C, this DIY scrub will leave your skin soft, supple and luminous. For even more added benefits, our therapists recommend experimenting with superfoods such as turmeric and honey.

Satisfy the travel thirst by learning to cook Kang Keaw Wan as the appetizer for your next trip to Thailand.

3. Travel the world without leaving your kitchen

Satisfy your appetite for travel by learning to make iconic dishes of the next destination on your list as an appetizer to your next getaway. For those who have set their eyes on Thailand, our chefs point to Thai Green Curry or Kang Keaw Wan as one of the tastiest and easiest Thai dishes to master at home, thanks to the simple ingredient list and uncomplicated cooking method. The trick, whispered one of our longest-standing chefs, is to get every ingredient fresh, not frozen. Close your eyes and imagine you are having lunch by the beach in your favourite resort.

Turn any ordinary meal into an instagrammable feast by mixing and matching interesting tableware Processed With Darkroom

4. Don’t just eat, make it a feast!

A beautifully set table with a few decorative touches is all you need to turn a boring dinner into a fun and instagrammable dining experience. Take out your finest tableware, silverware, light the candles and fill the vase with fresh flowers. For a truly special setting, our events team recommend going for matching table linens and napkins. While white table linen is usually a classic choice, don’t be afraid to make it your own with simple touches such as your favourite scarf as a  table runner and creatively improvising your bangles as napkin rings. If you have a patio and the weather is great, why not take your meal outdoors?

5. Give yourself (and your loved ones) some royal treatment

While well-appointed rooms and fitted out facilities are necessary elements of a great hotel stay, it is the attentive service that makes the experience truly memorable. Take up the role of a host as a special treat for yourself, or your loved ones. At Amari, we have Amari Host, who ensures the expectations and needs of our guests are met at every step of their holiday journey. Someone’s birthday is coming up? Arrange for breakfast to be delivered to their beds. It’s raining outside? Host a board game night. Having a travel itch? Take a virtual tour to your next destination, and explore the hotel rooms for the upcoming trips as if you were there in person.

Transforming your home into a staycation resort may take a bit of work, but the effort is well worth it. With these tips and tricks from our resident experts, we hope to brighten your day while you shelter in place, as we count down the days until we can meet you again at the destinations we call home.

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