June 22, 2017

Street Food 101: A Guide to Eating Your Way around Amari Destinations

Bangkok, Thailand. 22 June, 2017. — No exploration of a destination is complete without tasting the local cuisine. Amari would like to introduce our foodie destinations, Bangkok in Thailand, Johor Bahru in Malaysia, and Yangshuo in China, to help our guests tickle their taste buds while connecting with the locality.

Amari Watergate Bangkok
As Bangkokians love to eat, it is not hard to find food stalls lined up along the pavements throughout the city. From stir-fried dishes to spicy salads, Bangkok has everything to satisfy a foodie’s appetite. Taste the perfect balance of the sweet, salty and sour flavours of Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles) at the popular fifty-year-old eatery, Pad Thai Thip Samai. In the Ratchathewi neighbourhood, spice up your taste buds with the authentic North-eastern Thai combination of Som Tum (spicy green papaya salad), juicy grilled chicken and sticky rice. For late-night hunger
pangs, Amari Watergate Bangkok is located just steps away from the street-style restaurant, Gai Tawn Pratunam, which is famous for its Khao Mun Gai (Hainanese-style chicken rice), a comfort food popular with the locals. To turn your Bangkok trip into a savoury journey, ‘Destination Amari‘ recommends the midnight tuk tuk food tour as a fast and convenient way to connect to Bangkok’s street food culture.

Amari Watergate Bangkok is currently offering 10% discount for a reservation of a Deluxe or Grand Deluxe room including breakfast for stays until 30 September 2017. Prices start from 3,600 THB++ (approximately 109 USD++) per night in a Deluxe Room including breakfast. For more information or to make a reservation, visit

Superior King Room at Amari Johor Bahru

Amari Johor Bahru
Stroll along the Johor Bahru Heritage Trail and experience Malaysia’s unique culture at the food stalls with their Malay, Chinese and Indian gastronomic heritages. Boost your mornings with an energising local breakfast, a cup of Kopi, two half-boiled eggs, and some Kaya (coconut jam) butter toast at a Kopitiam, a local old-school café that is a short walk from Amari Johor Bahru. Two historical bakeries are also on this trail. Famous for its banana cakes, Hiap Joo Bakery uses firewood in a hundred-year-old oven to prepare its baked goods. Salahuddin Bakery, which is famous for its freshly baked Bengali curry puffs made in an 80-year-old oven, is also a must. For an afternoon pick-me-up, a sip of traditional liangteh (cooling tea) at the hundred-year-old Kok Yow Yong Herbal Tea Shop comes highly recommended. Guests are encouraged to ask our warm and friendly Amari Hosts for ideas on where else to eat around the city.

A stay at Amari Johor Bahru starts from 460 MYR++ (approximately 106 USD++) per night in a Superior Room including breakfast for two guests. For more information or to make a reservation, visit

Deluxe Room at Amari Yangshuo

Amari Yangshuo
Yangshuo is full of places to eat from traditional fare to Western comfort food. Located close to Amari Yangshuo is the town’s main street, the lively West Street, which transforms into a night market after sunset. At any time of the day or night, the pedestrianised West Street is a great place for a fun food experience. Sniff out interesting street food and be amazed at the many food and drink items on sale in the numerous shops lining the street. Beer Fish is Yangshuo’s famous speciality and should not be missed. If served in the original style, expect fresh carp caught in the
nearby Li River to be fried in tea seed oil and then braised in locally produced beer, soy sauce and other spices. Cloud 9 at the corner of West Street is the best spot to try this local fare. Another delicious local speciality is Guilin Rice Noodles. This simple light meal is easily found at all hours at the many nameless noodle shops located on the sidewalks just steps away from Amari Yangshuo.

A stay at Amari Yangshuo starts from 890 CNY++ (approximately 130 USD++) per night in a Superior Room including breakfast for two guests. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit

Amari Watergate Bangkok, Amari Johor Bahru and Amari Yangshuo are also home to Amaya Food Gallery, Amari’s signature market-style dining concept that takes its inspiration from the much-loved street food culture of Asia. With its open show kitchens, Amaya Food Gallery is the place to experience an energetic food market dining style and the ideal stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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