September 18, 2023

ONYX Hospitality Group: A Recognised Leader in Digital Travel – Shares contribution in the Digital Travel APAC Benchmarking Report


Bangkok, 3 July 2023ONYX Hospitality Group, a leading medium-sized hospitality management company in Southeast Asia, is pleased to share its inclusion in the recently launched inaugural Digital Travel APAC Benchmarking Report.  

The Digital Travel APAC Benchmarking Report is a comprehensive industry analysis that showcases influential players at the forefront of digital transformation. ONYX Hospitality Group’s inclusion in this report serves as a testament to its efforts in reshaping the hospitality landscape through innovative digital strategies. 

Chutima Fuangkham Kennedy, Vice President of Marketing at ONYX Hospitality Group, shared her valuable insights on the company’s rapid acceleration and unwavering commitment to digital transformation. Fuangkham Kennedy expressed, “At ONYX, we firmly believe in the power of digital innovation to revolutionise the way we engage with our guests and enhance their experience. Our inclusion in the Digital Travel APAC Benchmarking Report is a proud testament to our forward-thinking approach and relentless pursuit of excellence.” 

By prioritising technology investments, innovation, and operational efficiency, ONYX Hospitality Group has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the digital realm, setting new industry standards and redefining guest expectations. The company’s unwavering focus on enhancing digital capabilities has resulted in streamlined operations, personalised guest experiences, and increased customer satisfaction. These advancements have not only benefited the company’s owners but have also positioned ONYX Hospitality Group as the leading medium-sized hospitality management company in Southeast Asia. 

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, ONYX Hospitality Group remains dedicated to driving digital transformation across its portfolio of renowned brands, including Amari, OZO, Shama, and Oriental Residence. By leveraging emerging technologies and staying at the forefront of digital trends, the group aims to reinforce its position as a trailblazer in the Southeast Asian hospitality landscape. 

“We draw upon our strong foundation of marketing insights and expertise in the Southeast Asia region to deeply understand our customers’ preferences, enabling us to offer tailored recommendations, customised offers, and targeted communications. This ensures a frictionless experience that aligns precisely with their individual needs and expectations,” added Chutima Fuangkham Kennedy. 

To further support its customer-centric strategy, ONYX Hospitality Group collects basic customer information during membership registration for its customer loyalty programme, ONYX Rewards, and gradually gathers more comprehensive data through a point-per-action system, incentivising data sharing. By prioritising first-party data, the company gains valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling personalised marketing initiatives. Exclusive benefits, personalised experiences, and transparent communication of the value exchange are offered to encourage data sharing, all while maintaining a strong emphasis on data security through encryption, access controls, and transparency. 

The inclusion of ONYX Hospitality Group in the Digital Travel APAC Benchmarking Report solidifies the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry advancements. ONYX Hospitality Group is also excited to participate in the upcoming Digital Travel Summit APAC, where ambitious and digitally savvy business leaders, marketing professionals, customer experience experts, digital transformation specialists, and eCommerce heads will converge from 15th-16th August 2023 in Singapore. 

ONYX Hospitality Group: A Recognised Leader in Digital Travel – Shares contribution in the Digital Travel APAC Bechmarking Report

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